NOMAD: Mobile LED Screen Rentals

NOMAD: Mobile LED Screen Rentals

LED Screen Rental

Portable LED Screen Rentals, “Jumbotrons” delivered anywhere in the Nation!

[sfwp id=214 img=itemtype.png]Neoti offers one of the larger fleets of mobile LED Screen rentals in the nation.  Our [sfwp id=404 img=itemprop.png]NOMAD[sfwp id=2 img=closespan.png] mobile LED screen rentals are more economical and time-saving than video walls that require longer setup and strike times and need bulky truss systems.  Our NOMADs are small enough to fit in the tightest of spaces while large enough to add impact to any stage, event, or marketing campaign!  Whether you’re looking to flank a stage, present a high-impact marketing message to a targeted demographic, or create an indoor or outdoor event (day or night), call on us to provide you with a professional and budget-sensitive LED Screen Rental!

[sfwp id=345 img=itemprop.png]Neoti offers cost-effective, mobile LED Screen Rentals that will display video or graphics anywhere you want![sfwp id=2 img=closespan.png]

Professional Tech Support

We pride ourselves in providing a courteous, helpful, and professional, on-site technician with every NOMAD rental so you are assured a perfect event/campaign.

Full Audio & Video

Each of our NOMADs are equipped with full audio sound system and will handle any form of video or digital presentation which gives you the opportunity to create a unique audio/visual experience anywhere you’d like.

LED Display Screen Rentals! Get the message?Big and Bright, Loud and Clear

Neoti NOMAD Jumbo LED Screen RentalAs more and more event organizers are challenged with creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement, the easy affordable solution is to use LED Display Screens. Affordable ways to communicate a uniform message of excitement or even solitude, remembrance or reverence. Whatever the mood needs to be, LED Display screens deliver those emotions. Give us a call at (877) 356-3684 for immediate assistance![sfwp id=1 img=closediv.png]