LED Video Display For Boardroom

Stop Messing With The Lights

Ever been in a boardroom where you feel you have to constantly compromise on the lighting? The lights need to be turned off so that everyone can view the screen, but if you turn off the lights people can’t see to take notes. So you dim the lights and no one is happy. What a hassle.

With LED, each pixel or point of light is its own light source. LED doesn't have the washed out effect projection often has. The colors are vibrant and the contrast is just as strong as it was designed to be.

Turn the lights all the way up or turn them off. It is completely up to you. You may not always get your board members to agree, but at least you know they can all see the screen.

Have An Impressive Boardroom

LED video displays are modular in nature. This means that they can be built to fit into any space. How big can a boardroom video wall get? How big is your boardroom?

Of course you can always tile LCD displays, but who wants those bulky seams? LCD bezels (or seams) are much smaller than they used to be, but LCD cannot compete with a seamless LED video display delivering quality uninterrupted content edge to edge. Another advantage of LED over LCD technology is that LED does not limit you to a particular set of dimensions. Custom cabinets (the casing holding the LED panels) can be built to accommodate unusual shapes and dimensions. With LCD you are limited by the proportions of the LCD panels (particularly if you are tiling LCD TVs).

LED screens are brighter than many of their counterparts. As mentioned before, LED shines brightly despite the presence of lighting. LED is also glare free. No craning your neck trying to get a better angle because that nasty reflection happens to be on the very point of the screen you are trying to read. Furthermore, LED video walls have a wide viewing angle, allowing more people to see the screen clearly, even if they aren't directly facing the screen.

Save Time On Maintenance

LED screens are low maintenance. Diodes are easily and quickly replaced. If a panel needs replaced, the panel can just be popped out and replaced with another one. With tiled LCD screens, the entire LCD screen needs to be replaced, a more costly and time consuming process than just replacing a module. Additionally, it can be difficult to color match multiple LCD screens. We have all seen LCD TVs that just can’t maintain the proper color quality.

LED video displays have a long lifespan. With projection there is the constant chore of ordering bulbs, replacing bulbs, and recycling bulbs.

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