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Press Release | Neoti to Provide New LED Scoreboard and Displays at Parkview Field

Fort Wayne TinCaps Upgrading to HD Displays to Enhance the Ballpark Experience BLUFFTON, IND. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 11, 2019 Neoti has been awarded the LED video display project for the Fort Wayne TinCaps at Parkview Field. Selected for their ultrabright LED technology and exceptional service, Neoti is excited to share this technology with another Indiana-based company. Neoti’s...

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Sports LED Video Display

Why Let the Professional Sports Teams Have All the LED Fun? Think about the last time you attended a professional sporting event. What was so memorable about it? The fan energy? The talent on the field? Perhaps you recall a vibe of camaraderie and excitement? Chances are a big part of the atmosphere was fostered...

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Why athletic facilities should consider fine pixel pitch LED displays

Fine pixel pitch screens are customizable and creative displays that can pack a punch. Making your school’s athletic facility stand out doesn’t always mean buying the largest and most expensive display available. In fact, when deployed strategically and paired with compelling content, smaller displays can bring in the large crowds, too. The technology for smaller...

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