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White Paper | How to Remove Moiré Patterns from LED Video Walls

When a LED video wall is on camera there is the potential to observe a moiré pattern. A moiré pattern (pronounced moe-ray) is the ‘rippling’ visual perception that occurs when viewing a set of lines or dots that are superimposed on another set of lines or dots at a slightly different angle. It can most...

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White Paper | A Guide to Understanding & Purchasing LED Video Walls

Our latest white paper, A Guide to Understanding & Purchasing LED Video Walls, is now available! In this white paper you’ll learn some LED basics, components of a video wall, how to select the right LED products for your application, choosing a LED manufacturer, and the steps to purchasing LED video walls.

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White Paper | LED vs LCD

LED vs LCD: What’s the difference and how do I know what’s best for my application? What’s the difference between LCD and LED? Which video wall product is best for you? Well, just like anything else, it depends. LCD and direct-view LED are powered by different technologies and have unique advantages and disadvantages. We created...

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White Paper | 8 Things Systems Integrators Need to Know Before Installing an LED Video Wall

An Introduction to Installing an LED Video Wall LED Video Walls are gaining popularity in nearly every industry and there are new products being released almost every day. How are system integrators and installers supposed to keep up with all the products, technologies and installation techniques? This white paper covers the top eight things integrators...

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