Hospital Conference Room

Creating a High-Tech Conference Room

Seeking to design a high-tech conference room for a large Chicago hospital, IMEG Corp. contacted Neoti about a large LED video wall. Neoti provided a product demonstration and subsequent product recommendation to fit the hospital’s end goals.

Designer: IMEG Corp., Integrator: Sound Inc. Download PDF

UHD Series
Pixel Pitch: 1.56mm
Panel Resolution: 384h x 216v pixels
Brightness: 600 nits
Refresh Rate: ≥ 2880Hz
Contrast: 5,000:1
Color Depth: 16 bit
Viewing Angle: 160°h / 140°v
Diode Type: SMD 1010
Panel Weight: 18.2 lbs.
Panel Dimensions: (WxHxD)
600 x 337.5 x 99.4mm

A Chicago hospital wanted to redesign their conference room to be a high-tech meeting place for staff, patients, administration, and other visitors.

Neoti’s approach was to gather the “4 D’s”: distance, domain, design, and details to deliver the proper solution. In this case the viewing distance would range from 3 to 30 feet, prompting Neoti to suggest panels with a relatively small pixel pitch. The second D is domain or environment. The screen was to be mounted on a flat wall, inside and in a private area. The next element Neoti considered was the design. The goal was to install a 16:9 aspect ratio. Lastly, were all the details. The content, the content source, and budget were all taken into consideration.

Neoti took into consideration the “4 D’s” and proposed an LED video wall that fit IMEG’s and the hospital’s vision. The solution was a 5×5 video wall of Neoti’s UHD 1.5mm panels. These panels were selected because they provide a bright, high definition image in a close environment. The installation of the UHD Series was quick and easy with front accessibility for installation and service. To assist the integrator, Neoti provided installation services including commissioning the panels.

“The entire Neoti team was fantastic to work with. Their sales and technical support were very responsive and made it easy for us to bring our room to the next level.”

Mark Foehring, Senior A/V Account Executive – Sound Inc.

Working with Neoti

When you work with Neoti you’ll receive the same service and support that IMEG Corp., and Sound Inc. experienced. We’re dedicated to working with our broadcast customers, integrators, architects, consultants, and designers to deliver the right solution. We offer installation services, extended warranties, service plans and on-site user training to ensure a successful project.