Global News Studio

Washington DC

An international news organization built a unique circular studio in Washington DC. It features three curved Neoti UHD Series LED walls hanging on sliders to give different looks to the set. The two main walls are 5×5 displaying 1920×1080 resolution while the third wall is 2×5 at 768×1080. The walls can be configured in multiple ways, creating one large wall or variations around the room effectively having the look of multiple sets while still occupying a small space.


Neoti UHD video display panel front

UHD Series
Pixel Pitch:
Panel Resolution:
Refresh Rate:
Color Depth:
Viewing Angle:
Diode Type:
Panel Weight:
Panel Dimensions:
1.5 mm
384x216 pixels
650 nits
≥ 2880Hz
16 bit
160°h / 140°v
SMD 1010
19 lbs.
(WxHxD) 600 x 337 x 64.5mm

World-class fine pixel pitch LED video display technology.

Neoti can bring virtually any idea to life, and even inspire completely new ideas. We remain at the forefront of display technology, so the end result can always be worthy of “Wow.”

Working with Neoti

When you work with Neoti, you’ll receive the same consultative approach that this international news organization and its supporting partners experienced – and we’ll make it easy. You get a trusted guide from concept to completion and beyond. We’re fast with our replies, generous with our expertise, and genuinely invested long after installation. There’s a Neoti solution for every vision.