Museum Ceiling

Newfields Indianapolis, IN

During a major renovation, the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields had an idea to completely reimagine an indoor courtyard. The area needed to connect the other art galleries collectively while also serving as an attractive venue for other applications. After extensive testing and conversations with integrator AVI Systems and Blockhouse Studios, Neoti’s UHD Series LED panels were chosen to create a large 47′ x 31′ suspended ceiling.

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Neoti UHD video display panel front

UHD Series
Pixel Pitch:
Panel Resolution:
Refresh Rate:
Color Depth:
Viewing Angle:
Diode Type:
Panel Weight:
Panel Dimensions: (WxHxD)
384x216 pixels
800 nits
≥ 2880Hz
16 bit
160°h / 140°v
SMD 2121
19 lbs.
600 x 337 x 64.5mm

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of the premier museums in the Midwest. Known for encouraging and embracing new media and techniques, the museum administrators were looking for new ways to engage a wider audience and create a multi-use gathering point that connects with the rest of the museum.

Neoti was brought in as a consultative partner to determine the appropriate pixel pitch and infrastructure of the suspending video ceiling. With LED industry expertise and partnerships, Neoti provided engineering support so that a special truss system could be designed to suspend the LED panels safely above visitors.  The truss system holds over 11,000 lbs and 522 2.5mm Neoti UHD panels that loops artistic video featuring backlit gels, foils and liquids, mixed with a variety of aerials around the Newfields grounds.

“The first time I was able to come into the courtyard and see the ceiling was just remarkable. I was really struck by the way the light and the subtle color bathed the architecture of the courtyard, and the quality was so sharp and so clear, it was just really, really stunning. Beyond any of my expectations.”

Tascha Horowitz, Newfields Director of Interpretation, Media and Publishing

Working with Neoti

When you work with Neoti, you’ll receive the same consultative approach that Newfields and their supporting partners experienced – and we’ll make it easy. You get a trusted guide from concept to completion and beyond. We’re fast with our replies, generous with our expertise, and genuinely invested long after install. There’s a Neoti solution for every vision.