City of Carmel Outdoor Plaza

Custom Outdoor LED Video Wall for the City of Carmel, Indiana

A large LED video wall is part of the Midtown Plaza in the city of Carmel, Indiana. The LED wall is a unique piece, serving as a piece of art, an avenue for communication, and a source of entertainment. Neoti worked with an architect and CCS, the audio visual integrator, to supply a custom LED solution.

Integrator: CCS Presentation Systems | Columbus, IN DOWNLOAD PDF

Custom Eco Series

Ultra Rugged LED Panels for Billboards, Outdoor Signage, and More! Available in 6.0-20mm Pixel Pitches

Display Properties
Pixel Pitch
Panel Resolution
Refresh Rate
Color Depth
Viewing Angle
Diode Type
Panel Weight
Panel Dimensions (WxHxD)
80h x 80v pixels
6000 nits
> 3840Hz
14 bit
160h / 160v
SMD 3-in-1
28 lbs.
480 x 480 x 180mm


Located in the Midwest, the customer wanted an outdoor
LED video wall with a 16:9 aspect ratio, but also serve as a
piece of art. This requirement was used to design a unique
display using a non-rectangular shape. The team met
several times to discuss specifications, review designs,
and show product demonstrations. Understanding the
customer’s end goal was essential to providing the right
Neoti’s product approach is to gather the “4 Ds”; distance,
domain, design, and details. In this example, the viewing
distance would range from 30 feet to 200 feet depending
on how the screen was being used. Neoti suggested a
6mm pixel pitch to provide the best experience for all
instances. The second D is domain or environment. This
application required a rugged panel that could withstand
the harsh Midwest winters. The next element Neoti studied

was the design. Design renderings conveyed a stair-
stepped edge on both the top and bottom of the display,

prompting custom-sized modules to accomplish the goal.
Lastly were all the details- the content (communication,
art, entertainment), structure, and media controller were all
taken into consideration.


Neoti designed a custom solution to match all the
application’s requirements. CCS was tasked with building
out the frame according to design while meeting the
details of the specs of the LED Video Display. An on-site
survey was completed one month before install to ensure
a smooth install. One of the customer’s concerns was
operation and maintenance. Neoti provided two 4-hour
trainings for their users, as well as NeotiCare for additional
support and maintenance.

"It was so easy to work with Neoti on a very challenging and unique project. They were incredibly responsive and knowledgemable throughout the entire process."

Rick Streb, CCS

Working with Neoti

When you work with Neoti you’ll receive the same service and support that CCS experienced. We’re dedicated to working with integrators, architects, consultants, and designers to deliver the right solution. We offer installation services, extended warranties, service plans and on-site user training to ensure a successful project.