Neoti Launches LED Display Service and Support Technician Apprenticeship Program

Neoti Apprentice Program

Neoti recently launched an LED Display Service and Support Technician Apprenticeship Program. The program is located at Neoti’s headquarters, just outside Fort Wayne, IN. The new apprenticeship program was developed by Neoti to offer specialized training and nationally recognized certifications to students and individuals interested in LED display service and support. Apprentices learn to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain LED displays and SMT components, while implementing service and support processes to meet customer timelines and requirements.  The program covers six proficiencies over approximately 4,300 hours of training.

“With LED display technology advancing rapidly – and quality, technical support being an integral part of the market – we’re excited to provide a hands-on approach to developing new, young leaders in the field,” says Aaron Kipfer, Neoti CTO.

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Community Support

Neoti is committed to supporting and investing in the local community. For the last 13 years it has provided high tech jobs to people living in the Northeast Indiana area. By offering the apprenticeship program and participating in local career development programs, Neoti is contributing to a prosperous local community.