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Do You Use LED Video Displays To Create Compelling Customer Experiences?

Why LED Video Displays Are A Better Investment Than Tiled LCD

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LED Video Displays For The Airport & Transportation Industry

LED Video Displays are ideal for the airport and transportation industry!

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Direct-View LED 101

SMD 3-in-1 LED Technology • A display utilizing Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) technology utilizes a process of mounting each LED chip (pixel) directly on a printed circuit board (PCB). This process allows for the display modules and panels to be significantly smaller and thinner than older LED technology. • Each individual LED “chip” is actually...

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What Is LED? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. SMD refers to Surface Mounted Diode, a technology that utilizes a process of mounting each LED chip (pixel) directly to a printed circuit board (PCB). Mounting the diodes in this fashion allows displays to be thinner and sleeker than older LED technology. SMD also allows for...

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