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Studio at Meet the Press, Washington, DC

Shine Bright and Stand Out

How LED Quality Impacts Ratings By Camille Burch, Marketing Director at Neoti Did you know LED quality can impact television ratings? As ratings season approaches, it’s a smart time to reflect on the many factors that influence viewer choices in their news and entertainment programming, like a studio’s LED displays. Investing in high-quality LED particularly...

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Hospital conference room LED display

Case Study | Hospital Conference Room LED Display

Seeking to design a high-tech conference room for a Chicago hospital, IMEG Corp. contacted Neoti about a large LED video wall. Neoti provided a product demonstration and subsequent product recommendation to fit the hospital’s end goals. Download and read the full case study below.

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Neoti corporate lobby 01

Do You Use LED Video Displays To Create Compelling Customer Experiences?

Why LED Video Displays Are A Better Investment Than Tiled LCD

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Neoti LED at airport transportation

LED Video Displays For The Airport & Transportation Industry

LED Video Displays are ideal for the airport and transportation industry!

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Neoti LED wall at trade show

Ready To Take The Dive Into Purchasing An LED Video Display?

Three ways Neoti outpaces the LED Video Display competition.

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Neoti pixel pitch perfect

Pixel Pitch Perfect

Defining Pixel Pitch Undoubtedly, if you have been looking into purchasing an LED Video Display, you have come across the term pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is a key element in determining which LED Video Display is right for you. In order to understand what pixel pitch is, you must first understand what we are defining as...

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