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Neoti LED Repair and Service in USA

Superior LED Service & Repair

NEOTI, Doing LED Repairs Nationwide At Neoti we pride ourselves on superior LED Service & Repair. If you take a look, you will find that we offer a quality of LED repair services, simply not found elsewhere. Among the many benefits of choosing to repair with Neoti are: 1) We are responsive 2) We offer...

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Neoti UHD video wall at NBC Meet the Press TV broadcast studio

What Studio Professionals Want in LED Screens

Studio Advantages of LED Location owners, studio professionals, and other involved parties may require different features in screen displays. While those who manage venues focus on what screens look like to an in-person audience, studio professionals want to know what the display will look like on camera. Generally, these camera-focused pros need displays that: Adjust...

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TV Studio camera

LED Display Technology Takes Broadcast Studio Visuals Up a Notch

UHD Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display Technology Takes Broadcast Studio Visuals Up a Notch Broadcast studios rely on the high-quality images of digital displays to deliver visually stimulating content to their viewers. Yet many studios are locked in the past when it comes to LED display technology. On-set displays, typically located all around the set,...

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Neoti LED Video calibration

How UHD LED Panels Can Help Improve Your Next Video Shoot

When filming events that feature lower resolution LED displays, cameras face a common problem: The Moiré Effect. Moiré is an image artifact that shows up when two fine patterns overlap at an angle. In video, it usually exhibits itself as false colors and distracting, curved lines that seem to flicker on video footage. Using Ultra...

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Athletic facility exterior

Why athletic facilities should consider fine pixel pitch LED displays

Fine pixel pitch screens are customizable and creative displays that can pack a punch. Making your school’s athletic facility stand out doesn’t always mean buying the largest and most expensive display available. In fact, when deployed strategically and paired with compelling content, smaller displays can bring in the large crowds, too. The technology for smaller...

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