Airport LED Displays

LED screens promote a worry-free travel experience for airport passengers.

An airport can be a difficult place to navigate, especially for passengers who have never traveled through that particular airport before. Digital signage is an eye-catching way to inform visitors where to go and what to do. From instructions at security checkpoints to important flight information, airport LED displays provide several crucial functions.

Arrival and Departure Information

Travelers rely on departure displays for the most updated information on their flight status, gate location, and departure times. Arrival information is equally important to friends and family who are there to pick someone up. These screens often feature long lists of text, so a quality, high-definition display is a must. Airport travel can be time-sensitive and stressful—airport LED displays allow travelers to get information quickly when they’re in a hurry.

Baggage Claim

In most airports, passengers deplane far from where they pick up their baggage.  LED display screens in baggage claim areas help travelers easily locate the right conveyor for their flight.


Between long connections and flight delays, some passengers may end up waiting for a considerably long time. LED screens can broadcast news or promote airport gift shops, newsstands, restaurants, or other forms of entertainment throughout the terminal. This can help passengers pass the time while they wait for their flights to take off.


Airports frequently sell ad space to third party vendors, and LED screens are the perfect way to display advertisements. With a digital approach, you can broadcast static and video ads, and you also have the flexibility to change content as needed. You can also use a slideshow to display multiple advertisements from one dynamic, high-definition screen. Learn more about our quality airport LED displays and request a quote from Neoti today. We can help you develop a user-friendly system that enhances the traveler experience from departure to arrival.


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