The Ambient Lighting Struggle & The Decision To Go LED

For years members of the Apostolic church struggled with projection. Ambient lighting from windows made the screens hard to read. The Apostolic Church wanted the ability to display quality content regardless of lighting conditions. What was intended as an engagement opportunity was becoming a distraction.

“For years we had rear projection. It was great because we loved that the projector wasn’t out in front, it was behind, but due to the technology and the age of the system, it wasn’t very bright... So we went on a search just like everybody does, and we started to look at what would be our best option for projection for a sanctuary that seats around 1,500, with all this ambient light. We naturally started with projection. We went from rear project[ion] to front projection. We were surprised how much money it was going to cost us. Of course you’re paying for the screen, you’re paying for a 10,000 ANSI lumen projector or more, and it pushed us into a realm that was a little bit above what we were assuming would be our budget. We naturally began to think about our options, and we thought about what it would take to get into the LED market. We were surprised – we had priced it years before – and it was far out of our range. But the technology has changed so much that the cost came all the way down to where it was reachable from where we were with projection.”

-Paul Pamer, Senior Pastor at Apostolic Church of Barberton, Ohio

The Choice To Go With Neoti

Deciding to go with a LED video display solution for their sanctuary was only one step of the process. There were still product, installation, and training that needed to be considered.

“We made the decision to have Neoti do everything. Do all the install, of course as probably in some of the footage you’re going to see, ours was a little bit of a different situation because… we made the decision we wanted to fly the walls. That was some added cost but that was the best decision that we made. We thought even about attempting it ourselves, but we went to Neoti, they had the engineers to do it, they came in with the technicians, they set it up, they trained all of our staff. There was some apprehension there too because this type of technology, we had never done anything before and there are some complicated parts to it. They came in, sat down with our staff. They were very patient. We had some college age students, some that were older, they sat down with them and they worked with everybody and they stayed there. We’ve got their cell phones, we’ve called them at different times, they’ve had to make extra trips and they’ve been willing to do that and that’s made a big difference for us as well - to give all of our staff and teams a peace about taking on something that’s a big venture like this.”

-Paul Pamer, Senior Pastor at Apostolic Church

The End Result

Quality, clarity, trust, and simplicity. Those were the things Neoti hoped to deliver to the Apostolic Church. Did it work? In short - yes!

“So far it has been absolutely incredible. We’ve been able to do things on these screens that we’ve never been able to do. We’ve been able to throw up graphics that we would have never been able to throw up if it were projection, and we really could not be happier. The flexibility that these screens give us both as a screen on the sides and then a backdrop in the middle we could not be happier with the Neoti solution that we’ve implemented here at AC.”

- Garrett Robertson, Student Pastor at Apostolic Church

Stay Tuned: Soon we will share a video testimonial from Apostolic Church leaders.

Apostolic Church LED Video Wall During Service