Up Your Presentation With Boardroom LED Video Display

Neoti UHD LED wall in corporate boardroom

Use Your Boardroom To Make A Lasting Impression

“Successful presentations are understandable, memorable, and emotional.”– Carmine Gallo, American author, and former journalist and news anchor

In business, there are few things worse than wasted resources. The physical components and functionality of your boardroom leave a lasting impression. Invest in the tools necessary to consistently deliver a flawless and impactful presentation.

Stop Struggling With Lighting

Ever been in a meeting where a lot of time is wasted adjusting the lights? The lights need to be turned off so that everyone can view the screen, but if you turn off the lights, board members and guests can’t see to take notes. So you dim the lights and no one is happy. What a hassle – and a waste of what could be productive time.

With a boardroom LED Video Display, each pixel or point of light is its own light source. LED Video Displays aren’t subject to glare the way LCD screens are. This means an LED Video Display performs perfectly whether the lights are on, off, or dimmed. LCD screens, on the other hand, are very susceptible to ambient light. For example, if your boardroom has a lot of natural light, the glare on an LCD screen could change based on weather conditions and time of day.

Choose an LED Video Display for a consistent and reliable video wall solution. You may not always get your board members to agree, but at least you know they can all see the screen.

Choose An LED Video Display That Fits Exquisitely Into Your Space

LED Video Displays are modular in nature. This means they can be built to fit any space. How big or small can a boardroom video wall get? What is the size of your boardroom?

Of course, you can always tile LCD displays, but who wants those bulky seams? Admittedly, LCD bezels (or seams) are much smaller than they used to be, but tiled LCD cannot compete with a seamless LED Video Display delivering quality uninterrupted content from edge to edge. A major advantage of LED over LCD technology is that LED does not limit you to a particular set of dimensions. Custom cabinets (the casing holding the LED panels) can be built to accommodate unusual shapes and dimensions. With LCD, you are confined by the proportions of the LCD screens (only available in a limited set of dimensions).

Ready To Invest In LED Video Display?

Neoti is a US based LED manufacturer and provider working to find customer focused boardroom LED Video Display solutions.